Need a second pair of eyes cast over your life’s memoirs, dystopian novella or that passive-aggressive note to your neighbour about the size of their hedge?

You’re in the right place.

I offer proofreading services to those who need it. From CVs to crime novels, if you have text that needs to be precise, I can help.

There are hundreds of proofreading services out there, but I can offer you a personal service which goes beyond filling in a form and pressing ‘submit’. I want to see your writing sparkle just as much as you do.

I have:

  • the qualifications. I am the proud holder of an MA in English language, have years of experience as an English teacher, and a pass in the Basic Proofreading course from the Publishing Training Centre.
  • the professionalism. I am an entry-level member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and am working to progress up the ranks.
  • the knowledge. I have been working in the field of English language for all of my adult life and have been constantly learning and expanding my existing knowledge.
  • the right attitude. I am friendly and easy to work with – which is just as important as any qualifications on paper!

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