I offer proofreading services for anyone who needs a second pair of eyes on their work: students, businesses, publishers (or self-publishers). Not on this list? Maybe I can help you anyway. Get in touch with me, let me know a bit more about what you need, and let’s work together.

What do I check?

  • spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • consistency in style, spelling, typography, layout and content
  • page numbers and headings
  • if the content flows and is logically arranged
  • if there are any confusing line or word breaks
  • if illustrations, captions, labels, chapter titles, indexes, cross-references, etc. correspond with each other and with the text

Specialist areas

I work on a wide variety of content in all fields, but I especially welcome work in the following:

  • Humanities/social sciences
  • ESL/TEFL/English language teaching
  • linguistics
  • teacher education
  • adult education
  • hobbies: sewing, crafts, yoga, outdoor activities.


If changes are necessary, I will identify them and mark the proof, either on paper or digitally (in Microsoft Word or on a PDF file), as agreed with you.

I abide by the Society of Editors and Proofreaders’ code of practice.

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