Have you completed the novel you’ve been dreaming about writing your whole life and would like it checked for any last glaring errors?

You, understandably, are focused on telling your story and bringing your characters to life; I can help with the rest.

Whether this is before you self-publish on Amazon, or before sending your beloved manuscript to an established publisher, you want to present your writing in its best light.

I will look through your manuscript for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, as well as catch any differences in font type and size. I will also let you know if I spot any big inconsistencies, like ‘Greg’ suddenly changing to ‘Steve’, or that Samantha is blonde at the beginning of the book, and a redhead by the end.

Proofreading your novel or short story starts at €1.50 per page*; get in touch with me today and let’s work together!

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* 1 page = 300 words.